Former CCDC Chair Rose Reeder reflects on last four years

Well, the time has come for Dan and me to step aside. It has been a most rewarding and all encompassing four years. We stepped in and our lives were immediately possessed by that large, amorphous entity called the Democratic Party. It seems like we can’t even carry on a social conversation anymore, we always fall into the language of our Democratic principles, needs, and causes. Maybe we were always like that.

We have hob knobbed with VIPS like Governor Wolf, Senator Casey, John Fetterman and many other elected officials. We have been asked to vote on important issues at the state party level and we have had the opportunity to stay at fancy hotels that previously were above our experience level.

We are the country cousins; these experiences have been most exciting and rewarding. We are so grateful to have had these many experiences and we deeply hope that we have made a difference here in Clinton County. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have had this opportunity.

About the Author

Rose Reeder is the immediate past chair of the Clinton County Democratic Committee. Her term began in 2018 and ended on June 9, 2022. Dan Reeder, her husband, served as the State Committeeman serving Clinton County on the PA Democratic Committee during the same term. Rose, originally from Norristown, first came to Lock Haven to attend Lock Haven State College, now Lock Haven University. Dan is a Lock Haven native.

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