Who’s moving on to the November ballot?


June 2, 2020, marked the primary election. Those who received a majority of votes from their respective party in the primary move on to the November election.

Several candidates were running unopposed in their respective races; however, there were contested races for Pennsylvania Auditor General and the U.S. Presidency.

Here’s a quick rundown of how Democrats fared in the election and a recap of who will be moving on to the November 3 Election.

President of the United States

The ballot listed three Democratic candidates for President, including Joe Biden — the only candidate whose campaign is active; Bernie Sanders; and Tulsi Gabbard. According to the unofficial results, Biden won Clinton County with 2,089 votes; Sanders received 513; Gabbard, 135; and there were 204 write-ins.

According to the PA Department of State, Biden won 79.27% of votes cast statewide (1,264,014 votes); Sanders received 18.04% of statewide votes (287,619); and Gabbard received 2.7% (or 43,002 votes).

12th Congressional District

Lee Griffith was unopposed in the Democratic Party primary and will move on to the November election.

Pennsylvania State Representative – 76th District

Joe Waltz will move on to the November election. He was unopposed in the primary election.

Pennsylvania State Senator – 25th District

Margie Brown will move on to the November election. She was unopposed in the primary.

Pennsylvania Attorney General

Incumbent Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro was unopposed in the primary and will move on to the November election.

Pennsylvania Auditor General

Nina Ahmad was the victor in a six-candidate race for Pennsylvania Auditor General after earning 36.45% of total statewide votes (551,134).

Aside from Ahmad, candidates included: H. Scott Conklin, Michael Lamb, Tracie Fountain, Rosie Davis, and Christina Hartman. Conklin received 112,896 votes; Lamb earned 410,099; Fountain received 136,086; David received 90,491; and Hartman took 211,182.

In Clinton County, Conklin earned 2,032 votes; Lamb garnered 230; Fountain received 126; Davis received 76; Ahmad earned 266; and Hartman took 124. There were 28 write-ins.

Pennsylvania Treasurer

Incumbent Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella is seeking another term and was unopposed in the primary. He will move on to the November election.

See candidate announcements and bios here

Note: The Clinton County Democratic Committee does not endorse candidates, but makes every effort to help evenhandedly publicize individuals seeking the Democratic nomination or running on the Democratic ticket. We embrace the will of the people following the Primary Election and wholeheartedly support the nominees selected in the election process.

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