Apply for a Mail-In Ballot by May 26 and vote from home

Eligible to vote, but worried about making it to the polls on June 2? Consider submitting a mail-in ballot to be sure your voice is heard.

Pennsylvania has enacted legislation to allow for “no excuse” voting via mail-in ballots, meaning anyone who is registered to vote can apply to vote by mail.

The application can be filled out online.

  • To vote by mail in the June 2 Primary, apply for a mail-in ballot before May 26 at
  • After submitting the application, actual ballots will be sent to those approved.
  • Voters will receive a blank ballot via mail and will need to mail or hand-deliver completed ballots to their county elections offices by Tuesday, June 2.
  • Click here to download a mail-in ballot application that can be printed and mailed in.

For more information about submitting a mail-in ballot, contact the Clinton County Voter Registration Office at (570) 893-4019, 2 Piper Way, Suite 309, Lock Haven.

Check out a sample ballot prior to the election to prepare.

See a list of sample ballots for the June 2 Primary for individuals registered as Democrats in Clinton County here.


If you know of anyone who permanently has a hard time getting out to the polls, they may apply for a permanent absentee ballot. There is a box to check on the Absentee Ballot Application to request a permanent absentee ballot.

According to PA Voter Services, permanent absentee voters are not required to file a physician’s certificate of disability with each application for absentee ballot, but they must submit a written statement asserting continuing disability every four years in order to maintain his or her eligibility to vote under the permanent absentee. Learn more here.

If you’re a U.S. citizen and not yet registered to vote, but will be 18 by Election Day (June 2), you must register to vote by May 16 to participate in the election! Check your voter registration status, register to vote, or change your address online at

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