What to know for the November 6 General Election

Ready to vote next Tuesday, November 6?

Many important offices are up for election and your vote can make the difference in who represents our area at the state and national levels.

Candidates receiving the Democratic nomination in the May 2018 Primary Election include:

  • Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf  (incumbent);
  • U.S. Senator Bob Casey (incumbent);
  • Mike Hanna Jr., candidate for PA House 76th District;
  • Marc Friedenberg, candidate for the 12th Congressional District; and
  • John Fetterman, candidate for Pennsylvania Lt. Governor candidate.

Before heading to the polls on Tuesday, take some time to read up on the candidates to help make an informed selection.

You can learn more about the Democrats seeking office here.


The General Election ballot will have two (2) pages on the voting machine. Be sure to complete both pages, review, submit and press “VOTE” before stepping away from the machines.

Here is an example of what voters in Lock Haven First Ward will see on Election Day, courtesy of the Clinton County Voter Registration & Elections Office:

For more information about the election and what to expect at the polls, or to download a sample ballot, visit the Clinton County Voter Registration & Elections Office website here.


Individuals over the age of 18 who registered to vote by October 9 are eligible to vote in the November 6 Election. Check your voter registration status here.

Not sure where to go to vote? Find your polling place here.

You can also download a Voters’ Rights info-graphic developed by the PA Attorney General’s office here.

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