Elisabeth Lynch announces KCSD Region II election bid

Elisabeth Lynch McCoy

Mill Hall Borough resident Elisabeth Lynch is best known for her work as the Executive Project Director for Clinton County CleanScapes and as the Mill Hall Planning Commission’s Chair that spearheaded the Mill Hall train station relocation project to Lock Haven.

As a cross-filing candidate in the upcoming May 21 Primary Election, her name will appear on both the Democratic and Republican ballots seeking the 2-year term for the Keystone Central School District’s Region II School Board Director position representing Lamar Township and Mill Hall Borough.

Lynch has the enthusiastic support of her family. Her husband Vance McCoy said, “My wife is one of the most sincere and determined people I will ever know. Elisabeth always gives it her all. Rebuilding houses, to helping animals, mentoring youth and adults, and understanding community-based needs are her calling in life. Most people don’t know that she is the one who found the property that led to DCNR’s Baker’s Run canoe and camping access on the West Branch. When she learned about a dumpsite in West Keating, that community clean-up location became an expansion of State Game Lands, the Visser Tract. That’s who she is, always working on projects that benefit us all. She is not immobilized by obstacles — she forges ahead and completes her projects. Elisabeth seeks solutions to complicated problems. We are all very fortunate that she is so committed to the quality of our youths’ education and we all need her on the District’s team.”

Volunteering on the 2017 KCSD Property Services Task Force committee, Lynch quickly learned the financial needs and challenges the District was and is currently facing.

“At that time,” she said, “I never fully realized the extent of the District’s responsibilities and how many areas were in need of attention. Two of our Task Force team leaders, Property Services Manager Barry Hackenberg and Officer Brandon Coleman, educated us all on so many issues. They, combined with a regional leader I highly admire — Commissioner Pete Smeltz — and our new Superintendent’s vision and goals, made it apparent to me that yes, our District can and will move into a new and more dynamic, accountable, and progressive era. My enthusiastic attitude, my ability to remain focused on solution-based discussions and goals, and my proven skill at consensus building is why I want to serve my community as the District II School Board member.”

Lynch has experience producing detailed and timely fiscal budgets and assessment reports, and a strong ability to constructively analyze reports and generate summarized publications. As project director for CleanScapes for the past 15 years, Lynch has demonstrated her ability to coalesce community members around important causes, while also mentoring students from Keystone Central School District high schools and Lock Haven University as they achieve community improvement ventures.

In addition to her experiences with CleanScapes and the Mill Hall Planning Commission, Lynch has also been employed by the Clinton County Planning Commission and the U.S.G.S. Northern Appalachian Research Laboratory. Lynch obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geology from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

Note: The Clinton County Democratic Committee does not endorse candidates, but makes every effort to help evenhandedly publicize individuals seeking the Democratic nomination or running on the Democratic ticket. We embrace the will of the people following the Primary Election and wholeheartedly support the nominees selected in the election process.

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