2022 Dinnerless Dinner: Democratic Party Fundraiser

Fellow Democrats:

It has been a tumultuous few years for the country. We have witnessed a resurgence in misinformation, white supremacy, racism, misogyny, and the cruel treatment of adult and child immigrants. We have lost sight of the common values all Americans embraced at one time.  Most shockingly, we saw an attack on our Capitol building in Washington on Jan. 6.   On that day, elected officials were in fear for their lives. Our election results have been challenged at every turn and our faith in Democracy has been sorely tested.

There is no election that we can ignore. On November 8, we must vote like democracy depends on it, because it does.  Every vote will make a difference and since we actually hold a small advantage in voter registrations across the state, all we, that is every one of us, have to do is get out and vote!  Shame on us if we let our opponents outvote us! 

While we do not have the numbers advantage for our local district elections, we have morality, honesty, and the goal of protecting the vast majority of citizens, not just the wealthy and the large corporations!  If we can get our message out, we can win these elections, too.  This won’t just happen on its own and it won’t just happen if we let someone else do it.  It also requires funds.

We plan to have events, we have headquarters rent, we’ll need materials and supplies, we’ll be mailing thousands of postcards that require postage.  We will be doing all we can do to achieve our goals, to make clear our democratic message and to get our candidates elected.  Can you help?  This is one of our major fundraisers, we call it the “Dinnerless Dinner”.   Because of Covid and other considerations we have canceled one of our get-togethers and most people simply donate what they would have spent on a dinner ticket.  Please consider donating to our common cause.  Your donation is an investment in the future of our American way of life. 

We hope to see you at upcoming events.  Stay well and keep talking.  ‘We have a lot to be proud of!

Democratically yours,

William “Bill” Mincer, Chairman

Clinton County Democratic Committee

To make a donation, consider the following options:

  • Donate securely online via PayPal here
  • Donate securely online via ActBlue here
  • Donate via check by mail with the instructions below:

Please make checks payable to the Clinton County Democratic Committee. Write the following information on paper to include with your check inside an envelope, and mail your donation to CCDC Treasurer Lauri Schaitkin at 2 Grape St., Lock Haven, PA 17745.

Name (Please Print): ___________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________________________

Have questions? Contact us here.

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