‘Candidates Night’ on February 11 to offer insights on running for office

Anyone considering running for office in Clinton County, or supporting someone else who will, is invited to attend the Clinton County Candidates Night event being held from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, February 11.

Taking place in the Clinton County Commissioners Meeting Room – located on the second floor of the Piper Building at 2 Piper Way, Lock Haven – the event will provide valuable information on things candidates should know to run for local offices.

The agenda for the evening includes:

  • a look at the 2019 election cycle calendar;
  • details on petitions, statements of financial interest, filing fees and cross filing;
  • campaign finance information;
  • voter lists and signs; and
  • polling place guidelines.

Petition packets will be available for those interested in starting the process to be placed on the ballot.

To reserve your space or learn more, contact Maria Boileau, director of Clinton County Voter Registration and Elections, at 570-893-4019 or mboileau@clintoncountypa.com.

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