Trevor Dietz: When we band together anything is possible

Trevor Dietz

Clinton County native Trevor Dietz believes it’s important to pay attention to government and policy – and to be actively engaged in the processes – in order to create meaningful changes.

“Through government, we can see positive reform that betters our society and our communities,” Trevor said. “By following this political process, and by being active members in it, we all have the opportunity to contribute to that reform and play a crucial role in the betterment of our communities.”

Trevor, who next year will become president of the Lock Haven University College Democrats, said that although he has worked to keep informed and always voted, he has become even more active in recent years.

“Through my time in the Clinton County Democratic Committee, my level of engagement has grown exponentially,” he shared. “While I have always been an active voter and follower of the political process, the CCDC has allowed me to be much more involved and active in local politics and government. From hosting candidates through the LHU  College Democrats, to attending local events, such as town halls and meetings, I feel that I am a better citizen and a better member of my community.”

Currently working towards a Secondary Education degree with a focus on Social Studies at LHU, Trevor understands the importance of being active in every single election.

“While we, as voters, have the tendency to pay more attention to larger elections, such as presidential elections, it is imperative that we stay involved with all government elections. No matter the scale, from local boroughs to gubernatorial elections, government plays a role in our lives. In order to ensure that our governments work for all of us, we must be active participant in all elections, even those that may not get much attention,” he said.

Trevor, acknowledging that it can sometimes feel tiresome facing ongoing obstacles in the world of policy, believes it is important that people not be discouraged.

“For real change to take place, there will need to be much time and effort put in,” he said. “With this, there will likely be a process of compromises and negotiations that require much energy. But, that’s not always such a bad thing!”

At the core of it, he believes that everyone – regardless of political affiliations – wants what is best for their communities and nation.

“While the struggle to find the best solutions may be tiring, and at times it may surely seem like a struggle, we are all fighting for what we believe is best for our society,” he said, explaining that – and the possibilities civil discourse presents – is precisely what inspires him about the United States’ political system.

“While we often feel discouraged by our system, it is important that we stay active and informed. In doing this, we can accomplish great things!” Trevor said. “When we, as citizens, band together, anything is possible. When we work together, we can bring meaningful change for our communities and our society as a whole.”

His commitment to encouraging participation by everyone goes to the core of why he chooses to be a Democrat.

“I am proud to be a Democrat because we are the party that fights for everybody,” he said. “No matter a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc., Democrats continually fight for the rights of the marginalized. We are the party of acceptance, tolerance, and compassion. We want every person in this nation to have the chance to succeed, even if they weren’t born with the same luxuries as others. As Democrats, we fight to live in a nation where ‘all men are created equal,’ and where all Americans have the right to live their lives and be happy and accepted for who they are. That, is why I am a Democrat.”

This feature article was written for “Proud to be a Democrat,” a segment of the Clinton County Democratic Committee’s monthly newsletter that features local Democrats and their views on why they follow government and politics, and participate in the political process.

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